2011 - March

Dear friends,

Greetings from a flooded Ovamboland. Here everything is under water but in light of what happened in Japan we can’t complain.

Throughout the northern region many people have been displaced and are now living in tents.  In the Kunene region in the north west many Ovahimba families lost their kraals, all their livestock and crops when the Kunene river burst its banks. The flooding is due to heavy rainfall both in Namibia and Angola. The flood waters from Angola compound the flooding in northern Namibia. 

Figure 1 Flooding in Ondangwa

At the moment I’m using a trail through the bush to get to my house because the road is under water and one section has been washed away .


Figure 2 The road to my house

Ministry is going slowly at the moment due to the fact that all the women and children are working in the fields cultivating their crops. The flooding has also caused church attendance to drop at some of the congregations.The fact that bible studies have been moved to Sundays after church has had both advantages and disadvantages. The number of congregation members attending have increased at both St John’s and St Peter’s. Understandably at St John’s we have lost those from other denominations but at Christ Church, Ondangwa the bible study has grounded to a halt because none of the ladies are willing to stay after the service.


Figure 3 St John's bible study

These first  three months have been an emotional  rollercoaster as life in general  has been up and down with issues arising and some relationships  being strained but through it all the Lord has been faithful; he has carried  and encouraged me and when necessary has  reprimanded me.

I can also testify about his help in getting my Tazz through flooded areas. One day the Tazz’s nose dipped  into the water as I drove through a hole but miraculously it did not stall and no water went into the engine.

One Saturday we tried to find an alternate route to St Peter’s so I could meet with the youth. We tried from every direction but to no avail. All the paths were under water so we postponed it to the next Saturday and got together at Christ Church in Ondangwa. In the end everything worked out for the best because Christ Church’s youth joined in.


Figure 4 Christ Church's youth

It was good for the two groups to interact. They did a general clean up around the church, played volleyball and enjoyed hotdogs and cold drinks. Please pray for the CEN youth that they will be steadfast in their relationship with the Lord and stand up against peer pressure.


Figure 5 All the youth enjoying themselves

I stand amazed at how God brings opportunities along our way. I went to take photos of our road on Monday afternoon and met a lady collecting snails to feed to her pigs. I have never seen her before but she had obviously heard about me because she asked if she could come for bible study. We made arrangements for this Wednesday. If she does come it could be the beginning of a bible study here where I live. Fortunately my neighbour Rhona is a willing interpreter.

Last week I went down to Windhoek to try and find bibles and hymn books. Unfortunately there are no hymnbooks to be had for various reasons and the Bible Society is still waiting for Kwanyama and Ndonga bibles, which are being printed in China but they have no idea when delivery will be. Christ Church is now using the overhead projector for the hymns so their singing has improved but in the other congregations very few people have hymnbooks and bibles.

Please pray that the Lord would provide a solution to the lack of bible and hymnbooks in the local languages.

While I was away I also visited friends in Outjo. It was good to spend time with them and I was able to attend two ladies’ meetings. What a pleasure to be on the receiving side of teaching for a change.

In the photo below are five young adults from St John’s. Please pray that the Lord will save Paul, John, Victor and Frans. Lukas, the one in the black shirt has recommitted his life. Please pray that he will be serious about his relationship with the Lord and that he would be willing to lead a godly life and be an example for the other four.

Please pray for the leader’s bible study that everyone will take the time to do the preparation and that they would take their responsibilities as bible study leaders seriously.

Please also pray for good relationships amongst the various groups and their leaders. Pray for continued good relationships between everyone and myself and for wisdom and discernment to deal with issues as they arise.

Thank you that I can rely on your continued prayers. Thank you also for your support and encouragement. I sincerely appreciate everything you all do for me.

Your sister in Christ,