2012 - April

Dear friends,

These last two months have been rather busy with some new experiences and exciting encounters.
I was fortunate to meet with Victoria, a sister in Christ, who ministers in the prison at Ruacana, 180 km north west of Ondangwa. We spent a lovely afternoon together during which she shared about her work and her church’s vision for the future. Through the Lord’s provision she left with bibles, a children’s bible, some bible study material and some sermons on cd.

Figure 1 Victoria Figure 2 Victoria and Izata with St James' sermons

Izata, ( picture above) is one of the young men who previously has come to borrows books, DVDs and cds, he also visited. He is now pastoring a church in Tsumeb and has taken the Jesus DVD to show at his church plus some other sermons. The St James sermons on cd and DVD are very popular and it is exciting that people here are listening to the likes of Bishops Retief and Ingelsby, Rev Mervyn Eloff, even John Piper and many others.

The work at the Prof Christian school has increased. I now run a weekly bible study for the teachers as well as for the student group. We are doing ‘Just for Starters’, thankfully in English. I was also asked to put together bible material for the Religious and Moral education syllabus for grades 1-7, which I did.

The Leaders’ bible study group has grown and has started a study on leadership. Many of ladies seemed rather overwhelmed and anxious during our first session especially Unice and Levinia from St John’s.

I also urged them to make concrete decisions concerning the use of the sewing machines and the second hand clothing that the CfN team bring with them every year, which they have subsequently done. One in each congregation will be responsible for the sewing machine and for distributing clothing to those in need before the rest is divided amongst the members.

fig14I have asked Christophine to take charge of the ladies program for all the congregations. I will support and assist her in every way and will still do the leaders’ and St John’s bible studies, while Christophine does St Peter’s and St Luke’s. Christophine is one of two ladies from St Peter’s who graduate from NETS in April. Both she and Lydia (left) have completed their Diploma course in Church Leadership.

The leaders’ group visited St Luke’s at Omungwelume. Thankfully the Lord provided a second driver as we were 10 altogether. They first did a drama about entering the Kingdom of heaven and then Christophine preached. It was well received and we were entertained by three choirs, who sang for more than an hour.

Figure 3 Visit to Omungwelume

We also had a successful sewing day when the ladies made curtains and table cloths using the machines. We were pleased to have Elizabeth from St John’s back with us. She was seriously ill at the end of 2010 and after being released from hospital went back to her family’s village. We praise the Lord for her recovery.

Figure 4 Is this many hands make light work or too many cooks......? Figure 5 Ladies showing off their handiwork

The ladies also received guava trees and green pepper plants. In the second photo you can see how the trees previously handed out have flourished.

Figure 6 Encouraging the ladies to improve their diets. Christophine’s veggie garden

Christophine’s vegetable garden (photo above) is now finished and she has sown Beetroot and spinach. She also has green peppers and tomatoes.

I finished another two knitted blankets and gave them to an elderly couple at St Peter’s, Onamambili, Tate Titus and his wife. Tate Titus is 92 and was working in the field when we arrived.

Figure 7 visiting at Tate Titus' homestead

I have started doing the Veritas course with Christophine and Rauna. It is going to be quite time consuming because everything has to be translated and the exegesis done on the Kwanyama text but it will be well worth it.

The NETS students at Oluno prison are growing in their knowledge of the bible but decreasing in numbers because many have been released. I especially miss my interpreter, who was also released but it is exciting to see who the Lord has raised up to take her place. I am really encouraged to see how much this person has matured during the last year. She and a few others are graduating in May. All the previous NETS graduates have now been released.

At the end of April I will have been here for two years. Thank you all for your love, encouragement and prayer and financial support that has made this possible. I can truly testify of the Lord’s faithfulness, grace and mercy during this time.
Your sister in Christ,