2012 - July

Greetings from a not so cold Ondangwa A lot has happened since my last newsletter.

Beginning of May there was great excitement when Bishop Inglesby, Jenny, his wife and Rev Alan Noble came to visit. On the Saturday everyone was treated to a traditional Ovambo meal. The CEN ladies really excelled and we were able to feed around 100 people.

About 50 people were confirmed on the Sunday, including Lydia’s daughter and nephew and Unice and Levinia’s sons and daughter.

fig01 fig02
Lydia Unice and Levinia

That same Sunday morning I had a NETS graduation at Oluno Prison, where four of my students received their certificates.

fig03fig04The number of NETS students (below) is slowly decreasing as they are released. Unfortunately no new female students have as yet been enrolled. I have had opportunities to visit with some of those released and am thankful to the Lord that they are doing well. Selma is busy doing a course in fashion designing; she is a very able seamstress. Mavis is prayerfully waiting on the Lord for direction because she has a burden to work with the ladies in prison.

The bible studies are going well. The Veritas course is quite challenging because we are working in three different languages. Christophine uses the Ndonga bible and cannot read Kwanyama. Rauna uses the Kwanyama bible; she cannot read Ndonga and Christophine cannot read English. Hence we are trying to do exegesis in three different languages.

The bible studies at Prof school are the highlight of my week. The children are lively and enjoy participating. The teachers have slowly opened up and are now asking so many questions that we often do not finish the study.

Assembly at Prof school

fig06The sewing days are still very popular and there are normally around twenty ladies attending. We alternate sewing with crafts so apart from sewing table cloths and curtains they have also made broaches and bible bookmarks and youth enjoy the time of fellowship and singing. In the photo below Christophine is leading them singing and dancing around the pews.

I cannot believe that the CfN team has already come and gone. It was good to see old friends and to make new ones. It was a far bigger team this year but it really worked well. fig07They worked hard and achieved much. Once again it was the three southern churches which had the most input and I pray that the Lord will continue to grow these CEN members and raise up leaders from among them. A few of the ladies and the maintenance team also spent time at St Luke’s at Omungwelume. Some of us went to St Paul's at Ohangwena on the Sunday, where Alfred preached and Kathy and some of the kid's team worked with the children.

fig08St Peter’s was especially blessed by the maintenance team. They not only replaced the tin door and all the broken windows but built steps and a railing specially for the elderly. It was a joy to see Tate Titus using the steps for the first time just after they had been built. It is such a privilege to be part of the Lord’s work here. Thank you for your all your prayers and support that has made this possible.

In his service,