2012 - February

Dear friends,

This year is well on its way already and so is the work here. It was good to get back after my visit with family and friends in Cape Town.

The surprise on everyone’s faces when they saw the new car was classical. Meme Asnath’s first words were: “Well we’ve been asking the Lord for a 4x4 and now he has provided.” The ladies all enjoy travelling in it and I think they feel quite grand in it.

They can’t wait to do their first long trip when we visit Cecelia at Elombe. Everyone I’ve seen so far is well and the ladies are all busy in the fields tending their muhungu crops.

The Nissan has had its first taste of water and mud and I’ve had to use the 4 wheel drive once already, which was my own fault. I am so thankful to the Lord; its fuel consumption is really good and I’m getting over 11 km per litre. It now has its Namibian registration and number plates.

So far only the leaders’ bible study has begun. We spent some time evaluating what was achieved last year and discussed the way forward. We also discussed this year’s CfN outreach as far as the ladies team is concerned and they put forward some ideas of what subjects should be taught.

I’ve started with the Proffies for Christ at the Christian school, where I taught last year. I am meeting with them weekly.

Last week there were 11 children from grades 4- 7. I was peppered with a wide range of questions such as: can a Christian marry a Moslem, can a Christian marry someone outside of their tribe, how do I as a Christian react if someone hits me. It was encouraging to be able to pick out very clearly those children who came from Christian homes.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Anglican church here in Ondangwa when my neighbour Teopore had her baby baptized. I’ve been ‘offically’ adopted as Diawana’s ‘kuku’ (granny).

I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and relaxed the atmosphere in the church was and also the interaction between the minister and the congregation during the service.

Figure 1 Nero, Teopore and Diawana

We’ve also had our first sewing day although the ladies did crafts and not sewing. We had two new ladies from St John’s, Meme Heleena and Meme Maria. As you can see in the following photo the ladies are proudly showing off their handy work.

Figure 2 Ladies showing their canisters and candle holders

While in Cape Town I was able to get NIV bibles at a very good price. I have subsequently given bibles to two officials at the Namibian border post. I am in contact with the one lady via e-mail and plan to send her bible study material on a regular basis.

I was also able to give Matthew ( a youth leader from Gospel Outreach Church, who borrows books from me) 13 bibles for his youth group.

Figure 1 Matthew

At the moment I am busy doing a Veritas facilitators course. It’s a course on teaching basic exegesis and is aimed at equipping pastors to correctly handle Scripture. We are three doing the course. The other two are pastors from the Gospel Outreach Church.

Gospel Outreach also runs a small bible college on their premises. Their diploma course runs over 18 months. As you can imagine resources are very scarce here but thanks to the generosity of Roy Glover from BCC,( who donated some theological books) they now have a bible dictionary, some commentaries and other books. Pastor Leo also received a NIV bible to replace his KJV.

Figure 2 Pastors Boniface and Leo

I’m really excited about this year. I can’t wait to see what all the Lord has in store for us and how he is going to work in each of our lives through his Holy Spirit. Thank you for all your faithful prayers, support and encouragement.

Your sister and partner in Christ, Tish