2012 - October

Dear friends,

The Lord is good! We have just had a blessed visit from Rev Alan Noble, his daughter, Charissa, Doniwen also from Holy Trinity, Ross and Muriel Bartholomew from St Matthews and my dear friend, sister and partner in Christ, Marianne de Klerk. It was truly a blessing to spend time with everyone and especially with Marianne chatting and sharing again like old times.

The team with Christophine and Selma
Christ Church Sunday School
Figure 1 The team with Christophine and Selma Figure 2 Christ Church Sunday School

Alan and Rev Denys Nande travelled to all the congregations to share about the name change as well as going through the Code of Behaviour with them. Alan also preached at Christ Church and Doniwen and Charissa did the Sunday School there as well as Proffies for Christ at the school.

Proffies for Christ and the teachers’ bible studies have started again. I am excited about doing Fundamentals of the Faith with the teachers and am looking forward to what the Lord has store for us all. The leaders’ bible study is also busy with Fundamentals. This week we celebrated Meme Asnath 73rd birthday.  She testified about God’s faithfulness to her and shared Psalm 139:13-16 with us.

Meme Asnath
Izata and Isaiah
Figure 3 Meme Asnath Figure 4 Izata and Isaiah

Izata, from Tsumeb paid a visit along with a friend Isaiah. They both took sermons on cd and Isaiah in the white shirt has subsequently come back for a bible and a booklet  titled ‘What the bible is all about’.

Here in Namibia the opportunities to share God’s Word are endless but sadly one cannot always accommodate everyone. While I was writing this news letter I received an sms from a lady at Rosh Pinah, which is near the southern border with South Africa.  Someone had given her my name and number and she is looking for someone to ‘counsel her about God’.

But at the same time where ever possible one must take every opportunity the Lord provides because you might not get a second chance. I have not seen Matthew, the youth leader from Gospel Outreach for a few months now and no one knows where he is and we can’t reach him by phone. It is really sad because he was so eager to learn about God he was borrowing my books and even read through a 3 volume Bible Dictionary and the NEW Bible Commentary.

We praise the Lord that the doctors were able to close the hole in her heart. She and Christophine are back in Windhoek for a follow up to see if the doctors can repair her arteries.

The bridal party
Figure 5 Selma Figure 6 The bridal party

My neighbours’ Teopore and Nero’s wedding went very well and the bridal party looked beautiful. There are photos on facebook.

I am planning to be in Cape Town in November and will be doing report back at various churches and mission’s prayer meetings. I hope to see some of you. I am also seriously looking forward to some cooler weather as our temperatures are now around 38/39 degrees.

Thank you for all your prayers, your support and encouragement, which enable me to work here in Ovamboland.  It is both a privilege and blessing to be able to share God’s Word with people who are so eager to learn.

In Christ alone,

Some of you have asked for my postal address.
It is:

c/o Church of England in Namibia
PO Box 22, Ondangwa