2010 - November

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe how time flies; I’ve now been here for six months.

God has truly been faithful and so good to me. If I think how it normally is when one goes to the mission field or into a new ministry; everything is new and strange and it takes time for people to get to know you and accept you.

I’ve experienced none of that due to the fact that I had already done four outreaches here since 2005. It has certainly paid dividends. I had already come to know many of the people and leadership and had formed relationships with some of them. So once I arrived here this year it was relatively easy to adapt and start the bible studies.

The ladies here also knew what to expect from me. The main difference between the bible studies now and those during the outreaches is that they are now more structured and of course weekly. For most of the ladies the weekly studies are not a problem. This week Eunice from St John’s said she did not want it to start raining because then they have to start ploughing and won’t have much time for bible study.

At St Luke’s the number of youth attending bible study has picked up again but Victoria is still the only adult at the moment. Victoria has found a builder for the new church so hopefully by next year sometime the church building will be finished and St Luke’s will be able to function again.

St Peter’s at Onamambili is bursting at the seems. Not only has the number of Sunday school children increased but the number of adults has increased to such an extent that there is now no space for the children in the church at all. Unfortunately some of the people have to sit on the floor, as there are not many benches.

fig02The ladies at St John’s are doing well but the youth bible study has dwindled down to just two as Salatiel has gone to Windhoek and the younger children have dropped out. Rosaria (right) is a teenage mother and is really growing spiritually. She has taken over the Sunday school on Saturday afternoons and now has 29 children. Please pray that she will continue growing and be committed to these children.

Christ Church’s ladies are coming along nicely, Asnat has started taking control of the bible study group and I’m praying that I’ll be able to hand over the bible study to her early next year. Timothy is still the only Sunday school teacher there at the moment so I relieve him once a month and stand in for him anytime he is unavailable. The junior youth has progressed to just youth as the ages now vary from 12-18 years. They are busy practicing a song called The Butterfly Song along with actions for the 28th Nov when Bishop Cole Edwards comes to visit and all the congregations will be at Christ Church. Hence I am trying to make animal masks and costumes. I am also busy wrapping parcels for the Sunday school children. We are working on an estimated 250 children in all five congregations. The ladies will hand out the parcels after the service on Christmas day.

fig01My interpreter for St Luke’s Amalia suddenly turned up again after an absence of more than a month. I am thankful to have her back. I have enrolled my other interpreter, Ifgenia, (left) with NETS, the Namibian Bible College to do a correspondence course in biblical studies. Please pray for both these interpreters that they will continue to grow spiritually and lead godly lives. Pray also that the Lord would provide another interpreter for St Paul’s at Ohangwena next year.

Christofine and Lydia from St Peter’s are also busy with NETS and have already completed 20 of the 28 subjects so hopefully they will graduate next year. The material I have looked at is biblically sound and it is in their own language.

I am so grateful to the Lord for the good relationships he has given me with my neighbours at Punyu village, specifically my friendship with Rauna, Penny and Teopore. If Penny has not seen me during the day she comes and knocks to find out how I’m doing. Rauna and Teopore have been to church with me and Teopore has now borrowed Vaughn Roberts’ book, God’s Big Picture. Please pray that the Lord will open their hearts and minds to understand and accept what being a Christian really means.

Looking back over these six months I can truly testify of God’s grace, mercy and provision. It has been exciting to see God’s hand even in the small things such as finding someone to fix my car at the beginning of August. I did not have a clue where to go and asked the Lord to guide me to the right place. The place I ended up going to is owned by a couple that live two doors down from me; Teopore and her husband so that’s how my friendship with Teopore started.

God is good! Praise his name.

Thank you all for your partnership in this ministry through your encouragement, prayers and support. I sincerely appreciate you all.
Your sister in Christ,