2013 - April

Dear friends

I pray that you all like us have  had a blessed Easter. These last two months have been busy with many highlights.

We had a good Woman’s World Day of prayer and Asnath, Christophine and Emilia all shared in running it. 15 ladies from 3 congregations attended, which included a number of youth.

April 2013

Figure 1: Meme Asnath welcomed everyone and opened in prayer.

Thanks to the generosity of Kunene for Christ, a Namibian based ministry and Samaritans Purse in America we were given gift boxes to distribute. The children at all 5 churches have received their gifts plus I have been able to give to others outside our churches.

April 2013

Figure 3: Meme Maria's grandchildren with their gift boxes

All the bible studies are on track; 8 in all at the moment. Proffies for Christ is a joy as always and I stand amazed at their understanding of the gospel. At the moment I am doing a Scripture Union booklet called Khula with them.

April 2013

Figure 4: Proffies for Christ

The teachers are still full of questions and one in particular has asked for material to use for devotions with her children. Christophine and I are still busy with the Veritas course. The look on Christophine’s face when she comes to understand a passage of Scripture is priceless.

April 2013

Figure 5: Christophine hard at work.

Christophine also keeps me on my toes. I often get an sms sometimes late at night saying “please explain this word or passage or where do I find this verse”.  Although she does not have electricity she reads by torch light. Unfortunately Rauna cannot always attend because she is currently busy doing a hospitality course.

A while ago my friend from Kunene for Christ told me about an article in the newspaper about some bushmen living in Ovamboland who were literary dying of hunger. I mentioned the article to the cell group I attend and their response was  remarkable. On the 21st, Independence Day here, one of the families from the cell group, the Vat family and myself went to find the Bushmen. Thankfully both vehicles were 4x4 because otherwise we would not have reached them.

It was just a track through the bush and the sand was very loose.

April 2013

Figure 6: Driving through the bush

Their circumstances are dire; they live in huts that do not give much shelter and have no food. They live next to some Ovambo ‘kuka shops but apparently the people there won’t give them food. They just give them marola beer to drink.

April 2013

Figure 7: The 'father' of the group in front of his hut.

We gave them some food and the ‘father’ got a  tarpaulin to put over his hut.  There are more photos on my facebook page called ‘church2church partnership’. Please take a look.

April 2013

Figure 8: Food and tarpaulin

Because of the lack of rain this year Ovamboland and the north west areas of Namibia are struggling with drought. Last week we had some rain but unfortunately it is too late for the muhungu harvest.

April 2013

Figure 9: Victoria's field, photo taken 23rd March

Already many people are without food. I have managed to buy a couple of 50kg bags of mielie meel and packs of soup which I am handing out to people in need in our churches. There is no more bulk muhungu available to buy in Ondangwa not even at Namib Mills.

It was good having the Vat family here for a few weeks. Bonny was very brave when she and I  took a taxi from Oshakati to Ondangwa to fetch my car because the Vat’s car broke down on the way back from St Luke’s at Omungwelume.

April 2013

Figure 10: In the taxi

I praise the Lord for his mercy and grace and for your prayers and support that makes all this possible. Thank you.