2013 - June

Hi everyone,

Much has happened since my last newsletter so this one is a bit lengthy.

A highlight in April was a welcome visit from a fellow student from GWC, Judith Dowson from Australia. She was only here for a few days but was able to attend two bible studies and meet some of the ladies. We also enjoyed a day in Etosha.


Figure 1 Judith with a few of the ladies

The members of our rural churches have no facilities such as play groups or pre-schools so I’ve started a project to encourage the mothers to spend time with their children and to help prepare the children for school. At the monthly sewing days we have been making educational toys out of household waste so the mothers can help their children learn through playing.

We also had two very successful workshops with Mike Chart from Perivoli Schools Trust. Mike demonstrated how easy it is for children to learn and have fun at the same time. His passion for teaching children was very evident and both the mothers and the children thoroughly enjoyed their time with him


Figure 2 Mike at St Peter's


Figure 3 St Peter’s children enjoying their time with Mike Chart

The situation with the San Bushmen is improving.

Our last visit was on the 1st June. They are now a group of 28 including women and children.


During previous visits the women and children showed no response but this has now changed and it was great seeing them smile and laugh.


Figure 4 previous visit


Figure 5 our last visit

Although they have access to clean water they have to pay for it so they have been drinking dirty water as you can see in the can in front of the little boy below.


Figure 6 dirty water                             Figure 7 drums with clean water

We have now given them two plastic containers which we will fill with clean water at every visit.

The ministry at Prof school is progressing and now includes counselling for the teachers. During the weekend of the 8th June I accompanied the teachers on a teambuilding weekend, where we looked at prayer during devotions and dealt with spiritual gifts during the teaching sessions.


Figure 8 teachers busy doing the spiritual gifts questionnaire

‘Proffies for Christ’ is always a blessing. The learners are very open and eager to learn.

For the last few weeks we have dealt with salvation and the sinners prayer.

The highlight was when one youngster blurted out; “You mean if I said that prayer last week sitting in this desk then I am a Christian”.

I explained that if she was serious when she prayed the prayer then yes she is a Christian.

After the lesson she came up to hug me and with a big smile said; “Teacher Tish, I believe I am a Christian.”

I have just returned from a very quick visit to Cape Town for two family events. We celebrated my mother in law’s 90th birthday with a special birthday tea plus my daughter got engaged.

Thankfully I got to meet my future son in law before he is redeployed to Venezuela. He is a US marine. The few days I had to spend with him and Anre, my daughter have given me peace of mind about the engagement and their future together.


Figure 9 Justin and Anre

I really felt like a tourist while in Cape Town even going up Table Mountain with them.


Figure 10 Anre and I on Table Mountain

This visit was only possible because Intercape has now started a new route between Windhoek and Oshakati. God is good! In Windhoek I take a second bus to Cape Town.

When I arrived home on Saturday I received another blessing. The principal of Prof school and her husband have bought me a geyser and installed it, which means I now have HOT WATER to shower in. What a pleasure.

The CfN team arrived safely on Monday – “thank you Lord”. It was good to see familiar faces and get to meet the newcomers. They are all busy in their various areas of ministry. More about them in my next newsletter.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers and support, which enables me to continue to minister here in Ovamboland.

I sincerely appreciate all everyone does for me.