2013 - September

Dear friends,

Greetings from a very dry and dusty Ovamboland. We certainly could benefit from some of the heavy rains the Cape has been experiencing.

July & August have been quite busy. It was great having the CfN team here and everyone worked really hard. The ladies team worked at all five congregations and taught on marriage. Jan Vat taught at St Luke’s, St Paul’s and Christ Church. Praise the Lord, there were men attending at St Luke’s. The youth and children’s team worked at the three

southern churches and at Prof School. All three teams had the privilege of seeing the Lord bring people to salvation.

The Maintenance team worked like Trojans and did major renovations at both St Peter’s and St John’s. With the help of the youth on the team both buildings have also been painted and are looking quite grand.

September Images

Figure 1 St Peter's

Christ Church now also has a cupboard for its library. I am praying that the church members will make use of the 200 good books we now have due to the generosity of various people.

Bible studies are continuing as normal and we have had some youth attending the leaders’ bible study during the school holidays. At the prison there are 10 new NETS students.

None of them are saved so it was a joy to be able to share the gospel with them before starting with the NETS material.

Through the initiative of Prof principal, Nicolene a new area of ministry has opened up with the Afrikaans ladies from Ondangwa and Oshakati. We have had two meeting so far and each had spiritual input. At the first one we looked at Psalm 139. 6-7 and during the last one we looked at Matthew 22. 37-38.

September Images

Figure 2 ladies enjoying tea

The situation with the San Bushmen continues to improve thanks to the financial help of ‘Dare to Care’. When we have a translator available we share the gospel with them.

September Images

Figure 3 Samuel busy translating for me

Nicolene taught the children the song ‘Oh, how I love Jesus’.

September Images

Figure 4 Samuel helping Nicolene

Christ Church’s youth organized a youth evening one Saturday and invited the choirs of St Peter’s, St John’s and the Anglican youth choir to join them. About 60 people attended. The youth had asked me to give a message so I spoke on ‘why Jesus had to die’ after which they watched the Jesus DVD. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I finally arrived home at 3am and the youth carried on until 6am.

September Images

Figure 5 The youth dancing around the pews with Timothy & George looking on.

At the end of July a friend and fellow missionary, Wilma Schoeman came to introduce two programs, Choose to Wait and the ‘Straatwerk’ program for children called ‘You are valuable to Jesus’. She spoke with the teachers at Prof School and with the leaders’ bible study group. I plan to go through the program with the teachers later this term so that they can do it with their classes and once the program’s material has been translated into Kwanyama and Ndonga the bible study ladies will run the program with their Sunday school children. Wilma very kindly also gave us enough knitted dolls for all three Sunday Schools.

September Images

Figure 6 Wilma with the Prof teachers

Now that the churches have security gates and burglar bars on St Peter’s and St John’s have been given their own sewing machines and have had a sewing day with their members. Both days were well attended and the ladies were eager to learn to use the machines.

September Images September Images

Figure 7 St Peter's & St John

We had a good visit with Bishop Ngubane and Rev Alan Noble this last weekend. On Saturday both Alan and the Bishop spent time teaching the confirmees and on Sunday Bishop Ngubane confirmed about 60 people.

September Images

Figure 8 Confirmees taking communion

It was a joy to see one of my junior youth, Josephine confirmed. She has remained serious about her relationship with the Lord and has grown into a beautiful young Christian. Josephine is Meme Asnath’s granddaughter. Another granddaughter, Johanna was also confirmed. Meme Asnath has done an incredible job bringing up both her own children plus a number of ‘foster children and grandchildren’ in the ways of the Lord.

September Images

Figure 9 Meme Asnath. Josephine is in yellow

The confirmation weekend with the teaching and the sermon (both in English) was a welcome highlight to the end of August.

Kind regards,