18 March 2017

We, members of the Executive Committee of Namibia Evangelical Anglican Council (NEAC), representing members of the Council as inspired by the heritage of the Evangelical and reformed faith of the global Anglican Church as received in England by the time of the great reformation; We met in consultation with Presiding Bishop of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa the Rt. Rev. Glenn Lyons and the Rt. Rev. Njabulo Mazibuko of Kwazulu Natal Area in the same REACH SA, in Windhoek between 16th-17th March 2017.

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October 2012

the teamThe team consisted of Alan Noble, Charissa Noble, Doniwen Pietersen and Ross & Muriel Bartholomew. Marianne de Klerk was also part of the team as a special surprise for Tish so that she could spend time with her while the team was there.

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May 2012

Alan Noble, Jenny and I recently returned from a five-day visit to Namibia.

One of the reasons for our visit was to confirm 55 young people from our four churches in Ondangwa. We spent four hours with the confirmees and their leaders on the Saturday morning, ensuring that they all understood the meaning of Confirmation, and more importantly, the message of the Gospel!

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May 2011



Bishop Bradley asked me to first go up to ONDANGWA in 1980 so for many years I have known Rev. Denys Nande a very dear man. I received this letter from him, which will give you the background to my visit.

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Bishop Kalangula Dies

Tribute from Bishop Frank Retief

Bishop Peter Kalangula, Bishop of Ovarnboland, died on 20 February 2008. He was consecrated in 2001 after serving as leader of several CESA churches for over 20 years. Bishop Kalangula had an interesting personal history which involved both politics and church.

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October 2007

Churches for Namibia (CFN)

CFN started in 2003, initially to help CESA-related churches in Ovamboland. Approximately 8 CESA churches from the Western Cape are already partnering with various churches in Namibia. Each of the ministries involved in Namibia (ministry to children, youth, women, men, pastors and ministry to the blind and the deaf)

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September 2005

Leadership Training for Ovamboland Churches

At 05H30 on Monday morning 27 June a group of 28 people left on the second CESA winter support trip to Ovamboland to help identify and train people for leadership in ministry work. The team consisted of members of St James

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August 2004

Letter to Bishop Kalangula

Dear Bishop Kalangula

I am writing to you on behalf of the CESA Cape Area Churches and also as Rector of Christ Church Paarl. Greetings in the Name of our Gracious Lord.

I was thrilled that some of the folk from our Cape Churches had the opportunity to meet you in May. They thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you and your

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February 2004

San Nomads find God

Three years ago, Bishop Frank Retief conducted a confirmation service in Ondangwa at which 14 San people were confirmed, amongst other members of Bishop Peter Kalangula's congregation. Other confirmations brought 30 the number of confirmed San nomads from the Mangetti region (200km south of Ondangwa, not far from Etosha Nature Reserve).

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August 1998

News from CESA missionaries

Their first year on mission field has been tough for Geoff and Pat Hartley, working among the Mbukushu in Namibia.

They arrived at their remote mission station expecting to find a more established church after 10 years of AEF ministreing in the region, but progreeively during the year have learnt a lot about opposition from satan.

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February 1997

CESA couple off to N.E. Namibia

In 1991, four years after being converted unde the ministry of Bishop Joe Bell at Christ Church Pinetown, Geoff and Pat Hartley sensed God burdening them to serve Him fulltime. At the same time Geoff was an engineer with Shell and BP SA refineries in Durban and Pat a busy housewife.

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August 1994

Maritzburg missions trip to Namibia

Holy Trinity Church in Pitermaritxburg is planning to take some of the Academy students and Heirborn Youth on a mission to Namibia during the July holidays.

The aim of the visit is to fire up missions and to encourage the missionaries serving

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May 1994

Harvest ripe in Namibia but labourers missing

As you know, Synod 1993 was concerned with missions and to see that CESA News has taken up the challenge was a tonic. There have been many times when we have despaired our here (Namibia), thinking that the body corporate had forgotten about us, yet you have once again shown us that all is not lost

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February 1994

Come to help teach Namibians - plea

An appeal to people to come to Namibia to help teach those thirsty for the Word was made at Synod 1993 by Rev Peter Kalangula, the minister-in-charge of the Namibian territory churches. (There are five assistant ministers and services are held at 12 churches).

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May 1993

Plea for Namibia

Rev Martin Morrison, Bishop's Chaplain in the Transvaal, visited CESA churches in Ovamboland from January 11 to 19. There are six ordained ministered serving in more than 12 Namibian churches, with Rev Peter Kalangula, the senior minister, having oversight of the work.

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