August 1998

News from CESA missionaries

Their first year on mission field has been tough for Geoff and Pat Hartley, working among the Mbukushu in Namibia.

They arrived at their remote mission station expecting to find a more established church after 10 years of AEF ministreing in the region, but progreeively during the year have learnt a lot about opposition from satan.

"The culture and language are changing rapidly, the best part of the tradition being exchanged for the worst part of the modern. Morals, especially in the family, are decaying fast," Hartleys wrote. "The extent of spiritual darkness is greater than we expected. At least we understand why the Mbukushu can be regarded as 'unreached'".

Hailing from Pinetown, they have found the isolation has "taken some getting used to". They have also suffered healthwise.