August 1994

Maritzburg missions trip to Namibia

Holy Trinity Church in Pitermaritxburg is planning to take some of the Academy students and Heirborn Youth on a mission to Namibia during the July holidays.

The aim of the visit is to fire up missions and to encourage the missionaries serving

there. The purpose of taking students and youth is to give them a taste of what missions is all about and to introduce them to missionary work.

The plan is to go to Windhoek, the capital, to visit the Robyns, who are missionaries supported by Holy Trinity. The Robins are working in Katatura, a black township on the outskirts of Windhoek. The group will also visit the Evangelical Bible Seminary to allow students to see how the seminary runs.

Next they will go to Swakopmund, on the coast among the sand dunes, to visit St Timothy's Church of England under Rev Johann van der Bijl.

Then the group goes to Ovamboland on the Angolan border to visit Rev Peter Kalangula, minister-in-charge of the Namibia territory Church of England churches.

Namibia, with a population of 1.2 million, has five races, 11 distinct languages. About 86% of the population claims to be Christian. There are about 240 missionaries in the country and a tremendous need for more. The Church of England in Namibia (affiliated to CESA) has 16000 members.