February 1994

Come to help teach Namibians - plea

An appeal to people to come to Namibia to help teach those thirsty for the Word was made at Synod 1993 by Rev Peter Kalangula, the minister-in-charge of the Namibian territory churches. (There are five assistant ministers and services are held at 12 churches).

Rev Peter Kalangula said the churches were groing, although there were some difficulties. Since indepenence younger people had stopped coming to church. Two churches had been built with donations from Ovambo, but financial support was lacking - the church did not pay its ministers.

Unemployment was growing and people were suffering from drought. They could not be asked to support the church because they had nothing themselves.

Namibia, situated between two problem areas, Angola and South Africa, was important and he asked for prayers because they were living in difficult times. Independence had brought problems. In Angola the people were very disillusioned - no one knew when the war would end.

In October Bishop Stephen Bradley visited Ovamboland with Rev Johann van der Bijl and driven by Mrs Elizabeth Hawes (ex-St James). Driving north from Swakopmund, they visited friends at Otjiwarongo and Tsumeb and were welcomed at Ondangwa by Rev Kalangula.

The council of C of E in Owambo briefed the party about the work, difficulties and needs. On October 8 Bishop Bradley dedicated two new churches, St Paul's in Ohangwena and St John's in Oshushe. Both churches are well built, with pleenty air and light. Local members did the building.

On the Sunday the bishop confirmed 150 young people, among them Dr. Erastus Kalangula (Peter's nephew) who was adbucted and taken to Moscow during the wa, where he did his medical training - in Russia! People came to the service from all the C of E churches in the territory. Mr Denys Nande, Director of Education, Owambo, was the interpretor.

That evening there was a Communion service in Tsumeb at the house of Chief Inspector Stephen and Mrs Allison Swanepoel (members of St Timothy's, Swakopmund who were transferred). There is a group who would like the C of E to open a work in Tsumeb, but distance makes this difficult.