May 1993

Plea for Namibia

Rev Martin Morrison, Bishop's Chaplain in the Transvaal, visited CESA churches in Ovamboland from January 11 to 19. There are six ordained ministered serving in more than 12 Namibian churches, with Rev Peter Kalangula, the senior minister, having oversight of the work.

They have recently built a new church close to the Angolan border and there is substantial interest in the ministry there.

"The drought in Ovamboland is critical, especially as the local economy is based on farming", Martin Morrison said. "Please pray for rain in Namibia."

During his week in Ovamboland, he gave Bible studies in the afternoons to the lay-leaders and other committed members. The topics covered were: the Person and work of Christ; the nature of the Gospel; assurance; perserverance of the saints and the characteristics of a Christian. On the Saturday he gave a seminar to ministers and catechists on the basics of preaching and the dangers and duties of a leader.

More than 250 people attended the Sunday service, with a good mix of old and young, men and women.

Much prayer is needed for future leaders, Mr Morrison said, as all the ministers are ageing and there is an urgent need for younger men to take their place. At present there are none to be found.

"Pray that God will raise up young men to be trained at Bible College. Pray also that God may raise up someone to go as a Bible teacher to serve and teach in Ovamboland. The long-term need for younger leaders and ministers is critical if the work is to have a long-term viability," he added.