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Bishop Stephen Bradley had been visiting the Churches of Ovamboland during the 1970’S and 1980’s and had spent much time with them. Bishop Bradley went to be with the Lord in 2003 and since then there was no longer any work being done in Namibia. The Church of England in South Africa (CESA - now known as Reach SA) had set up an agreement with SIM (Serving in Mission) to reach into Ovamboland but little had happened. Colin Banfield and Quentin van Rooyen had been visiting Mozambique and in discussions over Ovamboland, decided to visit the area to see what they could do to help.

The Cape Area Bishop was responsible for the Ovamboland Churches, so Colin thought to use this as a motivation to connect the Cape Churches with their brothers and sister in Namibia. Colin then planned to see what they could do to help these churches so in 2000 they took the first trip to Namibia. At this time, according to the CESA Lectionary, there were 13 churches in Namibia with thousands of members. This first trip to Namibia, during December 2000, consisted of Colin & Alison Banfield & family, Attie & Niki Louw & family and Lormarcia & her daughter, Kelly. The team arrived in Namibia and toured the churches. In Swakopmund they spent time with Rev. George van der Westhuizen, pastor of St Matthews church. He also ran a Guest House and Coffee shop, both of which were doing very well.

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Bishop Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda  

On the 6th October 2019, the Rev. Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda was consecrated as the Second Bishop of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church (REACH) in Namibia. He was consecrated by Bishops (Reach SA) Glenn Lyons (Presiding Bishop), Njabulo Mazibuko (Area Bishop of KwaZulu-Natal) and Alan Noble (Area Bishop of Western Cape and Free State). Joyous celebrations and congratulations from all over the country marked the day. 

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2008 Kalangula dies

Tribute from Bishop Frank Retief

Bishop Peter Kalangula, Bishop of Ovarnboland, died on 20 February 2008. He was consecrated in 2000 after serving as...

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2017 March

We, members of the Executive Committee of Namibia Evangelical Anglican Council (NEAC), representing members of the Council as inspired by the heritage...

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2022 Denys Nandi dies


BORN 26th August 1939

DIED: 24th September 2022

Teacher, Principal, Director of Education, father, grandfather,...

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1987 October

Work grows in Ovamboland

The CESA work in Ovamboland has grown tremendously in the past few years and there are now 12 churches established under the...

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1983 June

Bishop Bradley's visit to Ovamboland

Ten days after returning from Zimbabwe it was up and off again for 2 Sundays in Ovamboland. The drive from Windhoek...

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2019 Lukas Katenda

New REACH Bishop

October 6th, 2019, was a day of great celebration in the town of Ondangwa as Rev. Lukas Katenda was consecrated Bishop of...

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Churches for Namibia Mission trips

Annually members of REACH SA (Reformed Evangelical Anglican Churches of South Africa) journey into Namibia to minister among the churches of REACH Nam.
For any information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team 2023


Muriel Bartholomew, James Le Roux, David, Adele, Mia, James, Nathan Hill, Malvin Chiurugwi (behind Adele), Emmanuel Ncube, Ivor Witbooi, Paya Hambunda (Interpreter), Kelly Jeffrey, Sarah Hill, Pepe Nyahuye, Megano & George Jeremiah (our hosts), Faith Felix, Cecilia Ngoma, Hannah…
three meet

2023 Dec

Dec 2023 saw a small group of three men journey north with a specific mission; to meet with as many of the church leaders as possible and teach them three reproducible tools to help them help their people grow in knowledge of the Word, their devotions and evangelism. We…
Team 2023


Melody Curtis, Megano Jeremia (our host), Ross & Muriel Bartholomew, Paul Jackson, Nathan, David, Sarah, Adele, Hannah, Mia and James Hill,…
Team 2022


Anette Jackson, James Le Roux, Danie De Waal, Spha Saneyi, Muriel & Ross Bartholomew, Blake Du Preez, Marion Edmonds-Smith, Kathy Noland,…
cape namibianroute


Due to Covid-19 related potential logistical problems we did not run a mission trip in either 2020 or 2021 but Muriel and Ross Bartholomew…
WhatsApp Image 2019 08 13 at 13.12.36

2019 Thrive

Namibia: Beyond Borders Beyond Barriers The Team: Joy Espach, Jamie Blommetje, Cathryn Hall, Liam Nymphe, Sebastian Machill, Rob Booth…
Mission Team


Michael & Dawson Simmons, Sphelo Mlungu, Morne, Michell & Caitlin Muller, Ross & Muriel Bartholomew, Carol Ebden, Marion Edmonds-Smith and…
WhatsApp Image 2018 07 21 at 08.01.27


Michael & Dawson Simmons, Sphelo Mlungu, Morne, Michell & Caitlin Muller, Ross & Muriel Bartholomew, Carol Ebden, Marion Edmonds-Smith and…


This years trip was very different to any that preceded it. This year we were part of history being made in such a way that our Lord was…


The year's team proved to be a great group of people and we had a very productive time in Ovamboland. The team consisted of:


The team for this year’s trip was really small, it ended up with just my wife Muriel and myself. The trip northwards was, as always, a long…
group photo


Team Leader’s Report A smaller than normal team of 14 members made the long trip northwards to Ondangwa. The purpose of the mission was…


Women’s Ministry Reportback. It was with a great sense of anticipation that the Women’s ministry team embarked on ministry this year. We…


Women’s Ministry Reportback. It was with a great sense of anticipation that the Women’s ministry team embarked on ministry this year. We…
Nam 09 068


"Churches for Namibia" 2009 Report This year marked the sixth annual visit from CE5A churches in South Africa to the Church of England in…


Making Connections in Ovamboland I went to Namibia to be a blessing and walked away being blessed out of my socks by the people there. We…
100 0295


The steering committee – Colin Banfield (Chairman), Lisa Harvey (Personal Assistant) & Johan Dreyer – planned and organized this trip with…


This was the first team trip. The main purpose of the trip was that leaders in the cape would be part of a team to be of specific help to…


First Missionary trip – 2003 At this time the GO Outreach (a short term mission to Franschhoek and surrounds) was functioning well but…

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