1983 June

Bishop Bradley's visit to Ovamboland

Ten days after returning from Zimbabwe it was up and off again for 2 Sundays in Ovamboland. The drive from Windhoek to Ondangwa, 750 kilometres, is on excellent roads and is full of interest. There are towns along the way, Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Otavi and Tsumeb:

At Oshivello the military area begins and from then on there were frequent check points.Bishop_Bradley.png

On Sunday there was a great gathering for the dedication of Christ Church, Ondangwa: it is a large church designed to hold 800 people, but there were many who could not fit in. 83 People were confirmed, and a very great number came up for communion. And at the end of the service there were several groups that came up to sing.

All through the week a daily Bible School was held for leaders. It was good to have the Bishop of the Lutheran Church there, and others who accepted the invitation given by the Rev. Peter Kalangula. Most of the people, however, were from the Church of England. They came day by day for instruction in the great doctrines of the Christian faith, interpreted by Peter Kalangula and Denys Nande. Sessions lasted for 50 minutes with 10 minutes breaks in between. Hour after hour the people soaked up the teaching, conscious that is might be some time before another such Bible School can be arranged.

 On the second Sunday we were to have gone to Oshikango for the dedication of the new church there, but circumstances did not permit. So, after the morning service at Ondangwa we drove back to Windhoek, and I returned to Cape Town the next day. Praise God for a blessed and fruitful trip to Ovamboland.