1987 October

Work grows in Ovamboland

The CESA work in Ovamboland has grown tremendously in the past few years and there are now 12 churches established under the inspiring leadership of the Rev Peter Kalangula.

The work in South West Africa began a few years ago under the direction of Bishop Stephen Bradley, following the expulsion of Peter Kalangula from the Church of the Province of South Africa.

There are five ordained ministers serving the Ovambo churches. They are; The Revs Vilho Wyeulu, Peter Kalangula, Elifas Kanime, Andriano Albino and George Hikumuah. The churches are now financially autonomous. Every week Bishop Bradley posts lessons to the churches.

Warwick Cole EdwardsThe ministers and lay-leaders are givien training at a Bible School, conducted by a CESA minister from South Africa periodically.

The Rector of Holy Trinity Pitermaritzburg, the Rev Warwick Cole-Edwards, has been twice, and Bishop Bradley several times.

Comparing his two visits (three years apart), Mr Cole-Edwards found that the people remembered him, so it was like a happy reunion. The people had grown spiritually, and they were interested in the content of the lectures (on the 39 Articles, 1 Thessalonians and Titus). Attendances averaged 50 a day, with between 15 and 20 young people coming.

Afterwards he commented on the great need for training the Ovambo ministers and stressed the real need for a full-time man to be appointed to the territory. White churches should be established, especially in Windhoek.

Literature in the Ovambo language was required. "We need to get the 39 Articles translated and printed. They have now seen their relevance and importance. We need to look for evangelical commentaries for our preachers, a well as Sunday School material and Worship '85 books." he said. A hymn book was also wanted - they still sing from the CPSA hymn book.