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St Paul’s Church – Ohangwena

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Bethel Church – Ondjadjo

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St Thomas – Onanime

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Fountain of Life Church – Oshakati

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Nakambali - visited by some of the team


This was a very full trip and we had the opportunity and privelege of ministering to many of our Ovambo friends. All glory to Jesus our Saviour. We want to thank the many people who helped make this trip possible with their donations. 

Unfortunately the Bible Society of Namibia had run out of Bibles in the local languages so we couldn't supply any - apparently they will only be avaiable again next year some time.

Banking Details for the annual mission trip:
First National Bank
Acc Name: Churches for Namibia
Account number: 62310038014
Branch code: 201409 (250655 if using EFT)
Account type: Current Acc/Cheque

Banking Details for Bibles:
FNB Namibia
Bible Society of Namibia
Account number: 55570917730
Branch Code: 281972
Please use Ref: BAR002
Account type: Current Acc/Cheque

To the glory and honour of our precious Saviour Jesus Christ!


For those of you who like statistics, I can tell you that our team of 2 this year taught the bible to around 60 ladies at 8 different churches in northern Namibia on our 14 day trip. The churches varied from established community buildings (with pews and loo) to iron and pole huts and, in one case, four lone walls under a few trees. On many sites our port-a-loo came into its own. Each church was different but all of them were filled with beautiful people.

Amongst these beautiful people were many delightful women, all of different ages and stages of motherhood and womanhood. Each one was facing her own unique challenges, just as we do here in South Africa. In some venues we heard that the ladies had walked for several hours in soft sand, carrying babies and small children, just to hear the bible being taught.

Our task was to present Christ to the ladies using the OT narratives of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jonah. The account of John the Baptist tied all other accounts together in presenting Jesus as the Lamb of God, prefigured in the Old Testament.

If we were outside without shade we just presented our teaching in the blazing sun with sunhats and lots of blockout. Many of the church ladies had their own Bible (which looked pretty well-thumbed to me). Some ladies came out of curiosity so we made a gospel appeal part of our teaching at most sites. Several ladies responded.

For those of you who like stories, here is one told to me by Meme Anna, wife of the pastor in one of our REACH churches in a remote part of northern Namibia. (Meme is a term of respect for an older lady and is pronounced meh-may)

Melody and I had been sitting with the ladies inside Anna's roofless, mud-shell of a church. It was hot but the ladies were attentive and engaged. We had been sharing with them, in scripture, about Adam and Noah and how the accounts of both of these men pointed to the substitutionary sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for us on the cross. We had explained to them, through the Oshikwanyama interpreter, the hope of Christ found in the Old Testament.

When we finished and were saying our goodbyes, Anna sent her daughter Fredericka to call me aside because she wanted to share something with me.
Anna took my arm as we slipped into the shadows under a thorn tree. She looked at me earnestly, asking her daughter to translate.

'Meme Kathy,' she began,
'This teaching is important ...
five months ago one of our young ladies was married in this village'.

By now Anna was almost crying

''and today we are burying her....
'.... She hung herself last week.'

'Please, Meme Kathy,' she continued, ''please come back again to tell us these stories about Jesus, we need to hear these stories. Our women need to hear them because they have no hope.'

It wrenched my heart to see the way she was begging us to return.

'Please come back,' she kept saying 'and when you come again, please bring bibles with you'.

Now I don't know when was the last time someone begged you to teach them the bible? It doesn't happen that often in Cape Town.

In another church, this time in urban Oshikati, a young woman told us 'I never saw before how the blood on the Passover door in Egypt tells me about Jesus'

Her friend next to her said 'Now I can learn how to trust Jesus in Proverbs 3:4-5'.

In every place we visited we were entreated to come back to continue the teaching. Who wouldn't want to return?

Now, my question is this ... will you be part of the Nam Team to go help teach these ladies in 2024?

Kathy Noland
Melody Curtis

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