I think that for this year's team the two things that stood out was the amount of travelling we did and why.

For the 16 days we were together we averaged 5hrs per day driving - mostly on good tarred roads but also on some very taxing thick sand roads. We did this because we want to see more people hearing the Gospel of Christ and how that needs to impact their lives. Without Christ we are all without hope! To drive for hours and then arrive at a place under a tree that is the "church" for this community and then be able to share the truths of Scripture with them is emmensly fulfilling. We pray and ask you to as well that these people will trust in Jesus alone for their salvation, based on the Scriptures alone by faith alone.

Below are some images from each of the churches we visited.

St Philip – Onandjandja

IMG 20240619 120849IMG 20240619 121217IMG 20240619 122806IMG 20240619 124244IMG 20240619 124338IMG 20240619 135011IMG 20240619 153013 

Getsemane –  Omboloka

IMG 20240620 121951IMG 20240620 122857IMG 20240620 123128IMG 20240620 124251IMG 20240620 124336IMG 20240620 141009IMG 20240620 151428 

Genesis  Onamutai & Light of the World – Omamwandi

2024 06 21 13.09.552024 06 21 13.10.242024 06 21 13.11.202024 06 21 15.50.182024 06 21 15.51.002024 06 21 15.51.37IMG 20240621 125605IMG 20240621 125652IMG 20240621 125816IMG 20240621 152058IMG 20240621 152144IMG 20240621 152355 

All Souls – Eenhana

2024 06 22 09.53.402024 06 22 13.45.43IMG 20240622 093540IMG 20240622 110137 

Ebben Ezzer – Otanaha

IMG 20240625 131640IMG 20240625 132229IMG 20240625 133618IMG 20240625 133651IMG 20240625 134521IMG 20240625 134657IMG 20240625 134701IMG 20240625 134803IMG 20240625 134929IMG 20240625 145037IMG 20240625 152117IMG 20240625 163010 

Emmanuel – Omatunda

IMG 20240626 092024IMG 20240626 092705IMG 20240626 093042IMG 20240626 093641IMG 20240626 093727IMG 20240626 093812IMG 20240626 100026IMG 20240626 100046IMG 20240626 100120IMG 20240626 100205IMG 20240626 102229IMG 20240626 104242IMG 20240626 132813 


IMG 20240627 094800IMG 20240627 101616IMG 20240627 101923IMG 20240627 102104IMG 20240627 120621IMG 20240627 124953 

Our team also visited two church on Sunday for preaching – Ondangwa & Oshakati

IMG 20240623 112731IMG 20240623 112818 

Nakambali - visited by the team on our rest day.



This was a very full trip and we had the opportunity and privelege of ministering to many of our Ovambo friends. All glory to Jesus our Saviour. We want to thank the many people who helped make this trip possible with their donations. 

Unfortunately the Bible Society of Namibia had again run out of Bibles in the local languages so we couldn't supply any. We were regularly asked for them though.

Banking Details for the annual mission trip:
First National Bank
Acc Name: Churches for Namibia
Account number: 62310038014
Branch code: 201409 (250655 if using EFT)
Account type: Current Acc/Cheque

Banking Details for Bibles:
FNB Namibia
Bible Society of Namibia
Account number: 55570917730
Branch Code: 281972
Please use Ref: BAR002
Account type: Current Acc/Cheque

To the glory and honour of our precious Saviour Jesus Christ!


I had a wonderful experience in Namibia as part of a children's ministry team. it was my first time on this mission trip and being part of the Children's ministry. I shared the Gospel while emphasising Humanity’s biggest problem, we looked at Mark 2:1-12 the story of a paralytic man, who thought his problem was that he could not walk, and Jesus showed him that his problem was actually his sin. I showed the kids this truth by using games, pictures, and actions to help them understand. I was acting out the story showing different problems a person could have and the children needed to guess what problem it was. The aim was to show the children that some problems are small and others are big, also showing the kids through drama that we make ourselves kings and forget that Jesus is the king and that is sinful. As a team, we also practice memory verses showing Jesus is the saviour of the world and God demonstrated his love for us by sending his son to die for us. In the same way, the paralytic man saw his condition to be a problem. I learnt from our team leader, Adele, who inspired me on how to be patient with the little kids and I also learnt a different way of teaching children memory verses. We started each day with devotions led by different team members, which set a positive tone for our activities and this helped me to prepare for the day and have some time to think about what has been taught. I also appreciate the love, care and support the team showed to me and other team members and that made my stay memorable and enjoyable.

Cecilia Ngoma

Adele Hill, James Hill, Mia Hill, Sarah Hill, Pepe Nyahuye