This years trip was very different to any that preceded it. This year we were part of history being made in such a way that our Lord was mightily glorified. This year, 

This years report will take the form of the prayer reports that were sent out almost daily since there was a great deal happening. Enjoy the read and worship God for all that He did and is still doing here.

4 July


Ross Bartholomew, Michelle Daries, Kathy Noland, Carol Sawyer, Demi and Robbie Daries, Marion Edmonds-Smith

Today we arrived at our destination of Ondangwa. All in all our journey from Cape Town, some 2200 kms has been very good and uneventful. For this we are deeply grateful to our precious Saviour.

Not long after arriving in Ondangwa the Daries’ vehicle was broken into and bag stolen which had a number of expensive and precious possessions of Demi. This was a difficult time but we trust that our Lord has something special in store for those who did this deed. We are trusting that they will come to know the Lord. Please pray that much good will still come from this event.

We have settled into our base, which is the home of George and Ida Jeremia. When I can I will send some photos so that you have a better idea of where we are living. We were worried that it was getting dark and we still had to erect tents. When we arrived here we found that there was enough suitable space inside various rooms etc. for us to stay – even erected a tent in the double garage ?.

Tomorrow we need to retrieve much of our equipment which is still at our previous base, called Nakambale. We also need to try and get the window of the vehicle replaced. I will be out of town most of the day preparing more candidates for confirmation. Not sure how many there will be at this stage. This will take place at St Paul’s in Ohangwena and a new church in Ongha. The rest of the team will use this time to settle in more and get our place better prepared for the next few weeks that we will be here.

Please pray for the following:

  1. Demi as she comes to terms with the theft of her goods and how to respond to this.
  2. Robbie and Michelle as they comfort Demi and lead her to a Godly response.
  3. Michelle as she begins to plan for her roles as our chief cook.
  4. Robbie as he tries to get the window replaced on the vehicle.
  5. Myself as I work with the confirmees
  6. The rest of the team settling in and helping wherever they can
  7. The next three days, Thur to Sat as we are involved in the Minister’s Retreat at Christ Church Ondangwa. These days will be very long and much content will be addressed. Pray that the men attending will meet with God in a very special way and that they will become more prepared for their new roles and the Gospel road of ministry that lies ahead for them. We really are praying that we would see revival starting here.
  8. Ross Anderson and Njabulo Mazibuko as the travel here towards the end of the week and that they will have much impact when here. Ross will be speaking on Biblical Theology as well as some other topics. Njabulo will be performing the confirmations and ordinations.

Good night for now, until next time.