27 June

Mission Team

Michael & Dawson Simmons, Sphelo Mlungu, Morne, Michell & Caitlin Muller, Ross & Muriel Bartholomew, Carol Ebden, Marion Edmonds-Smith and Kathy Noland

We have arrived safely in Ondangwa. In fact, we arrived yesterday and had a very pleasant, although as always, long trip up. We travelled for three days sleeping over in Grunau and Okahandja.

We have settled into living with George Jeremia and family very easily and well. We just thank our Father for this blessing. Our team is working well together and it has been very interesting getting to know everyone. One of the constants here is the constant change. From year to year there is constant new developments and where we had a landmark last year, this year it is gone, or another building has popped up and our landmark is obscured.

Today saw us at the first church for ministry. St Lukes, at Omungwelume, has always been the furthest church and therefor often neglected. There are now churches further but today we were at St Lukes and had a number of firsts for those of us who have been coming here for some years. This was the first time there were any men to minister to, the first time there were more than 15 women (we counted almost 30), the first time there has been significant numbers of children and youth – close on 90 combined. Most of the youth attended with the children and then most of the children attended with the youth.

Michael Simmons spoke to the men, all 4 of them, and there was much discussion afterwards. Marion Edmonds-Smith spoke to the ladies and they had a great time with singing, talks, testimonies, a reminder of how we had been praying for years for leaders here and also the history of how Lukas and the other pastors came to leave ACSA and join REACH NAM. Kathy Noland led the children and Sphelo Mlungu the youth. Both had very responsive participation and were ably assisted by others of the team. The pastor here is Robert Nakwatumba and assisted by Meme Victoria it would seem that there is much progress from previous years. The children and youth numbers was the most noticeable change.

For this trip 42 Bibles were donated and we were able to make these available and soon there was a stream of people buying the Bibles (we buy them for N$175 and then sell them for N$50). We buy them from the Namibian Bible Society at R175 and sell them at R50. To see people finding the money and with great appreciation being able to but their own Bible is certainly a very special moment. One lady asked for 8 so that she could take them and sell them to her neighbours. A short time later she returned with the money she had sold them for. Praise God for these Bibles and the difference they will make for His kingdom!

 IMG 20180627 131850

 Michael teaching the men. 

 IMG 20180627 145436

The record number of children intently listening to Kathy. 

 IMG 20180627 145526

 After Marion taught the ladies, Meme Victoria gave a testimony of the work we have been doing and what a privilege they have had in us coming to them. You really have to be here to feel the passion and gratitude of the people.

 IMG 20180627 151919

Muriel spoke about the road that the team had walked in prayer for men and a leader in particular, showing how God had answered this prayer in Lukas and the other pastors who left the ACSA denom here and joined REACH NAM. Lukas then also told the story from his side.

IMG 20180627 160939 

Here we have the youth listening to Sphelo. Just look at that group! We have never seen these numbers at this church before! In the doorway is Tate Joseph, the 107 yr old who has been coming tou our presentations here for about 3 yrs now, and he walks there.

Tomorrow it is our plan to minister at Christ Church Ondangwa. Here we will also be starting a first, the first time that we will have ministry to the women who are in formal employment. They have typically been missed out since we normally meet at 12h00 so this time we have an additional time for them at 17h00. Please pray that this will be a great opportunity for the Gospel as these ladies mix with many others and have time and place to make much impact for the Kingdom.

  • We give our Saviour all the glory for safe and event-free journey from Cape Town to Ondangwa
  • We praise our Saviour for the wonderful day of ministry we had today, for lives impacted, many new friends made and the Name of Christ lifted high.
  • Pray that as we get more into the daily rhythm of ministry, we won’t become casual about what we are doing and also the exhaustion won’t mean less or hurried preparation.